Mayoral Baby Girls New Autumn Winter 2015

Mayoral Baby Girls – New Autumn Winter 2015 arriving daily but it’s still taking forever to get it onto the website…  :(

So it’s another late post, but I’m determined to keep at this blogging lark! Busy, busy “day off” today – did the banking, baked scones, did a quick bolt  round six holes on golf course in the rain, then supervised both piano and saxophone practice…. As usual, there wasn’t much time left to get the Mayoral stock loaded up onto the website. However, I’ve just uploaded a little of the fabulous Baby Girls collection – see my favourite piece on the left – just LOVE this spotty dress – it’s absolutely stunning. The fabric is so gorgeous, it honestly feels like a £50+ dress. Mayoral are just so, so good at some of these dresses.


My other favourite piece is the little navy cord jeggings. They are made from the softest cord fabric and would look great under many tops or tunics this winter. At £18, I’d buy two pairs! Can’t beat the “one on, one in the wash” approach to dressing your little one. Saves thinking time as well in the morning…..

On a different note, we are almost sold out of Mayoral Spring Summer Sale stock, but there are still a few gems to be found in the Mini Girls and Mini Boys age groups (2 years – 9 years). I’ll pick out a few bits tomorrow and post some pics. Everything is HALF PRICE now – so take a look and grab a bargain! Not just Mayoral, there’s Absorba, Frugi and a little Joules. There’s also lots of ladies wear reduced by 50%…… Brands such as Fransa, B Young, Geox and Hatley to name a few.

Mayoral Baby Girls Cord Jeggings

Mayoral Baby Girls Cord Jeggings

You may well be thinking what on earth is she rambling about now – well, you are right. It’s too late for this and tomorrow is my “Monday” so best finish here. Will hopefully load up the rest of the Mayoral collection – a little bit of  Mini Girls and Mini Boys, plus a few bits from their older Mayoral Girls collection tomorrow morning. I’ll do another post (and link it to Facebook and Twitter tomorrow Lisa!) once it’s done.

Til tomorrow,

E. x

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Joy of Self Employed Retailing

Mayoral Baby Boys AW15

Mayoral Baby Boys Autumn Winter 2015

Well it’s late on Sunday evening and we’ve had a lovely day, but unfortunately not found the time to add any more of the new Mayoral Autumn Winter 2015 collection to the website. The one and only issue I have with being an independent retailer is that you just never seem to have enough hours in the day to do everything. Time at the shop is spent with customers, merchandising, window displays, stock taking, cleaning etc etc etc. When it comes round to working on our website, it just never seems to get off the bottom of the to-do-list. I often think the easy answer is to work on it at home. Well, that was the plan today, but it just hasn’t happened.

The days started with me remember I hadn’t displayed a “deliberate mistake” in the shop window. This is one of a number of events the Gullane Games Committee as us shop keepers to participate in each year. Kids (and adults!) wander round all the shops in the village, spotting the mistakes in the windows. Some of the shops go to great lengths and the kids love it. So, mine is in place now, but I’d better not divulge what it is, just in case!

Then quick trip to the store for a few bits for lunch and back home for coffee, washing, ironing and a catch up on a few financial matters via internet banking. Then, most exciting, phone call to Virgin Atlantic to reserve seats for our holiday next summer. I’d been watching the availability on the Virgin Atlantic website and just this morning flights were released for our chosen departure date – yippee! I have to say the people at the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club are fab – before my phone call it all seemed rather complicated, but they were able to quickly work out the best option for us.

After lunch we hotfooted it up to Haddington to spend the afternoon with Spatz & Co, a 5 piece band playing a great selection of blues, ballads and classics from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. What a great show – our friend Roy Mac leads the band, but they are all equally talented with no less than 15 instruments shared among the group. Looking forward to hearing more from Spatz & Co again soon.

Monday may be Mayoral day, and I’ll get a little more stock loaded onto the website, but then again if the sun is shining I may be persuaded to head towards the golf course and leave website updates until I’m back at the shop on Tuesday.  We’ll see!

E.  x

PS Just love the wee chap in the pic, showing off his gorgeous green Mayoral cord trousers. I couldn’t believe Mayoral took some of the pics for their brochure at this beautiful house in North Berwick!

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golf handicap #1

Gullane No 3, Gullane Golf Club

Gullane No 3

Over the last few months I have found that one of the best ways to relax and clear my head after a hectic day at the shop is to follow a little white ball around a golf course. I wouldn’t dream of claiming to play golf. That would be a huge exaggeration. However, since my lovely husband gave me a set of Taylor Made RocketBallz for my Birthday 2 years ago, I decided to make use of them and give it a go. I’ve been “hacking” my way around Gullane No 3 for a little while now and I’ve made a pact with myself that I will get a handicap before the end of August.

So last night, after closing the shop I dived home and changed into my golf gear (oh yes, I always look the part, even if I can’t play to save myself!) and off we went. It was a gorgeous evening with bright blue skies and fluffy big white clouds. The temperatures weren’t too bad either (for Scotland in July!) and we even managed the first few holes without our sweatshirts.

It started well, but before we knew it at least one of us found ourselves in the rough on each hole – one of the problems with a wet summer is the rough grows so high it’s almost impossible to find your ball once its landed in there. At one point last night my husband commented he saw a couple of tigers, a lion and an elephant whilst looking for our sons ball. The rough is really that long….

Anyway, we had a great night and got home just before dark, more than ready for a glass of my favourite Australian Red. As I’d missed dinner I indulged in a little Devil’s Bite cheddar from the wonderful Devenick Dairy in Banchory. We discovered their amazing cheeses at the Highland Show in June – I can’t wait to pop into their farm shop next time we’re up that way. It’s really very, very good.

I appreciate this blog is really meant to be about kids and ladies clothing and fashion. Guess I should possibly focus more on that in future. However, I just wanted to share my joy at completing day #3 of my blog challenge, taking one step towards gaining a golf handicap and also an unashamed plug of my favourite cheese company!

More about clothes tomorrow! We’ve had a really great reaction to the new Mayoral kids clothing collection at the shop so I will share more about that tomorrow (after our afternoon with Spatz & Co).

Until then,

Elaine x

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Frugi frenzy!

Frugi Little Snuggle Fleece

Frugi Little Snuggle Fleece

One of the big news items in the kidswear industry this week was that Frugi, the lovely organic clothing people from Cornwall had launched their new collection. So what, lots of other brands are launching their new Autumn Winter collections I hear you say. Well, you are absolutely correct. However, for whatever reason, when Frugi launch their new collection there is always, without fail, the biggest hoo ha amongst their loyal band of Frugi-loving Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grampas to name a few. It is just a total frenzy!

Last season it was the (hideous in my humble opinion!) knee patch crawler dungarees that were changing hands on that well-known auction site for vast sums of money, way in excess of the RRP.  This season it appears to be the dinosaur crawlers for baby boys age 2 – 3 years. How bizarre! I have to say we even didn’t order them in at The Merrygoround – maybe we’re  missing a trick, who knows. I have always believed we should buy the stock we feel will suit our market and not be driven by such fads!

It’s interesting for me, as a retailer of kids clothing, that in the 10+ years we’ve been in business, I’ve never seen anything like the fuss over Frugi. Yes, their clothing is lovely. The fabrics are very soft, wash and wear very well so can be handed on and on many times. All organic cotton, so obviously ethically pleasing. The appliques are really well done (if getting a little large on some of the baby garments in my opinion!) and their pricing is sensible. But so are many other brands I could name, but they just don’t create the same buzz season after season.

Well, enough talking about Frugi for now, off to unpack the first 30 kilo box of guess what – Frugi!

Til tomorrow,

Elaine x

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The big experiment….

Well, I’ve decided to try a little experiment! I’ve been told many, many times over that in order to improve visibility of our website,, I should be blogging. How often and on what topics is entirely up to me, but blog posts should apparently be frequent and regular, and they should be interesting. As the sole proprietor of a small but busy boutique, I don’t often have time to hoover up the dead flies in the shop window, let alone sit down and “blog”…. Big sigh. However, our lovely customers in the boutique tell me time and time again that I “buy really well”, “have a good eye”, “select unusual brands” etc etc and that “I must sell loads on-line”. Er no……

Hence the experiment. I am going to devote the next 3 months to increasing traffic to our website. By myself. No SEO expertise. I will simply do what the experts have been telling me to do and let’s see what happens. I will keep you posted by blogging any progress.

Tomorrow I will tell you a little more about our boutique in Gullane, East Lothian, our favourite brands etc etc…

Until then,

Elaine x

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Lilly and Sid Baby Clothes – NEW COLLECTION JUST IN!

We have always loved UK brand Lilly and Sid and when we unpacked the new Autumn Winter 2013 collection we were certainly not disappointed. Just how the clever designer Emma comes up with these ideas we just don’t know, but she’s certainly excelled herself this Winter. There’s vintage inspired themes, gingerbread house print for girls and our favourite bright stripes in a multitude of colours – surely something for everyone from Lilly and Sid this season!


Lilly and Sid Baby Girls Tunic and Leggings Set Denim


Lilly and Sid Baby Girls Playsuit Dress


Lilly and Sid Baby Girls Dress and Leggings Set

What hasn’t changed is the lovely soft top-quality jersey cotton that Lilly and Sid use for all their baby clothing. All stripes are yarn dyed so no nasty printing chemicals are used. Styles are designed to make dressing your baby as easy as possible. T-shirts and tops have poppers at shoulders where garments needs to go over baby’s head.  Nappy changing is also made easier with poppers at the legs of all playsuits.


Lilly and Sid Baby Boys Felix Monkey Sleepsuit

Amongst the new Lilly and Sid characters introduced this season is Felix Monkey who looks fab on this little boys playsuit. The layered sleeves in bright red are a great contrast to the blue and white striped suit and fabulous appliquéd Felix Monkey stands boldly on the chest.

Just how much fun can dressing your baby boy be? We think this has to be one of the best playsuits available this season for any little monkey!

Our other favourite picks from the new Lilly and Sid baby boys collection are just as cute and comfortable. There are two long sleeve t-shirts to choose from – the first is a premium cotton marl grey t-shirt with appliquéd Felix Monkey making an appearance once again. The second t-shirt is bright pillar box red with another new character, Buxton Mouse. This unisex t-shirt is ideal for either boys or girls and looks fabulous with the our favourite piece from this collection, the Reversible Pull-On trousers. Again, ideal for baby girls or boys, these trousers are great for little ones crawling or shuffling around on their bottoms. The fabric is soft, the gently elasticated waist has mock ties at front and you can turn up the legs for perfect fit. If any little mishaps happen, no worries, quick wipe and turn them around and you’re little one still looks smart!

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Buxton Mouse T-Shirt Red

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Buxton Mouse T-Shirt Red

Lilly and Sid Baby Boys Felix Monkey T-Shirt Grey LS837

Lilly and Sid Baby Boys Felix Monkey T-Shirt Grey

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Reversible Trousers Red

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Reversible Trousers Red


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Frugi Organic Clothing for Babies & Kids

Frugi’s clothes are extremely fun and kids love to wear them!

Frugi clothing is made from organic cotton, meaning they are kind to the planet and to your child’s skin. The organic materials that they use are very durable, wash well and usually last longer than normal cottons. Organic cotton means they’re free from chemicals, are much more sustainable to the planet and also address ethical labour concerns for the farmers.

So how did it all begin?  Well, in 2004 the owners of Frugi had their first baby. Wanting to be as green as they could they decided to use washable cloth nappies. As soon as they started using them they realised that normal clothes just didn’t fit well over big cloth nappy bottoms, so they decided to make their own baby clothes that had enough room for washable nappies. This was how their business started and they called it Cut4Cloth.  All of their clothes were made from ethically manufactured organic cotton and were a huge hit with parents across the planet.

With the success of Cut4Cloth they decided to extend the range and make organic kids clothes, and in 2008 they changed the name to Frugi, meaning ‘Fruits of the Earth’ in Latin.

Frugi cater for kids up to age 8 for both boys and girls and their colourful clothing is perfect for the little cheeky monkeys in your life!

Take a look at our range of Frugi organic clothing and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you!

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Hatley Kids – Fun Clothes for Kids!

Hatley Kids are a family run business based in Canada and are by far one of our favourite brands.  Hatley specialise in rainwear and sell a very popular and fun collection of raincoats, welly boots, co-ordinating umbrellas and even pyjamas.  Their style is bursting with colour and they are extremely unique.

Hatley began their family company about 20 years ago with their mission to make the best quality clothes and gifts around.  They certainly fulfil this, with each piece designed to last and carry through to child number 2, 3, 4…

Hatley is an ethical company who are aware of their social and environmental impact, giving back to the community where their clothes are produced as much as they can.

We currently have a fabulous collection of rainwear including raincoats, welly boots and umbrellas.

hatley kids umbrella summer strawberries red


hatley kids rain coat fire trucks yellow


hatley kids welly boots butterfly dots

hatley kids rain coat pirate dogs pale blue

hatley kids welly boots fire truck yellow

Take a look at our full range of Hatley Kids clothing and don’t forget to use our economy delivery for UK orders at only £2!

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Derhy Kids Dresses – Fabulous French Fashion for Girls!

We’ve just been unpacking the new Autumn Winter 2013 collection for girls from the fabulous French fashion brand Derhy Kids. It’s just so stunning we had to share it with you immediately! It’s not all available on our website just yet, but we’re working as fast as possible to make these available to you. If you’re looking for a party dress for those never-ending parties look no further than Derhy Kids dresses. They simply use the most beautiful fabrics to create the most stunning dresses.  All this at very reasonable, almost high street level, prices. The only difference is when your daughter wears a Derhy Kids dress to a party, not only will she stand out from the crowd, but she’s highly unlikely to find someone else wearing the same dress! Indeed, we only ever buy one of each Derhy Kids dress in each size for that very reason. Here’s some of our favourites….


Derhy Kids Alexandrine Dress, Black – Stunning party dress with soft stretchy bodice with beaded detail and layered net skirt. Available age 4 – 6 years up to 12 – 14 years. £48.00.



Derhy Kids Ally Voile Dress Petrol Blue Fully lined voile party dress with pretty ‘deer among the trees’ print. Beaded detail on trees. Available age 4 – 6 years up to 10 – 12 years. £42.00.


Derhy Kids Abby Knitted Dress Grey – Great fun dress with sequinned Wise Owl for cooler winter days. Available age 4 – 6 years up to 10 – 12 years. £40.00




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Little Joules Clothing Collection for Kids

At The Merrygoround, we have a wonderful collection of Little Joules clothing for Kids.  Joules clothing style is extremely eccentric and colourful, and looks to the countryside for inspiration.

Little Joules kids clothing

A collection of Little Joules Kids clothing all on sale at The Merrygoround

The Joules company started by Tom Joule over three decades ago when he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and started selling country styled clothing at equestrian and outdoor events across England.

One rainy afternoon Tom realised that the country styled clothing on offer was rather dull and didn’t reflect the personality of colourful country folk.  To test this theory out Tom decided to design 100 pairs of bright pink wellies which sold faster than he could have imagined, they were very popular!  From that day on the Joules brand was born.

30 years on and Joules are still pationate about producing quality, colourful and eccentric clothing for men, women, boys, girls and babies.  Little Joules is loved by parents for their kids due to the durability and stylish bright prints on their clothing.

Each item of Little Joules clothing will certainly bring out the personality in your little one.  Have a browse through our collection and take advantage of our Economy delivery for only £2.00.

We also offer next day delivery, see our delivery rates.


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